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Basic Seo

seo we have to put more efforts to rank high. Without proper SEO we will loose our time and money.

It is brodly devided in two parts :-

1) On page optimization:- The work in the On-page is done within in the website, it carries only 10% of the weightage in seo but it can easily scored

2) Off page optimization:- The work have is done outside the site, it is the core part of SEO carring 90% weightage, day to day work is to increased in the off page end of the day the total seo mark on(off page+on page) together is checked for the keywords BEING SEARCHED to devided the ranking position

A keyword is the word/pharse being searched as query, a single webpage can rank on top for several keywords provided for each keyword it needs to be scored separately

Aim of search engine: 

The give highest  priority  to the webpages that are totally focused or dedicated on query and that which gives maximum information on the query along with its subtopics.

Steps involved in onpage optimization:

step1:- permalink [5marks]
url:- uniform resource locator it is nothing but the address of the webpage if your is SEO friendly then it can be termed as permalink if the url satisfies the following points the it can termed as permalink

a) Must have your keywords
b) must have least number of slashes

Golden Rule:- if your website address is exactly like your keyword then getting top of the have page for that keyword is dead easy

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