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Free Social Bookmarking list

Social bookmarking is a great SEO tool that can help you drive targeted traffic to your website.It can also increase social signals and make your content easier to share. By bookmarking your content what you are doing is increasing your  visibility and, at the same time, improving the chances of being better ranked. Traffic generation is largely dependant upon the content you post on social bookmarking sites. An appealing title and quality content will help you drive traffic to your website. And also, you must bear in mind that, as it happens with all social networks, the key to be successful is to be social. The more links and bookmarks you submit, the more traffic you will obtain to your site.

Now we move to the first three important reasons for social bookmarking.

1) Drive free and targeted traffic to your website or blog As there are hundreds of social bookmarking sites on the Internet with a smart social bookmarking campaign can lead to thousands of people to your website. Better yet, most of this traffic is very targeted to your website and the topic of  your niche. This means that people who come to your website is very interested in what you say, what you offer or what you sell on your site. This can make a big difference in the popularity of your website and profitability.

2) Improves your sites Pagerank and number of links from SB sites.

Social bookmarking site is not just web sites on the Internet. Most of them have great value in the eyes of search engines.You can tell that by looking PageRank of most social bookmarking sites. The most popular have Page Rank of 4 or more, up to 8. Links to websites, these are very popular and well-organized source for links to their websites that will give you a good ranking in search engines, along with highly targeted traffic.

3) Boost the popularity of the website or the blog

Social bookmarking sites are edited by real people searching for these websites, check the content and rank up or down as they like. This means that your link, mail, or content become very popular on this site, your link or content may be viral – people will rank well, probably they will share on some of their blogs or social networking sites. Without a substantial effort on your part, your link, or email content is displayed on hundreds or thousands of other Web properties that will send you additional traffic. This is the main reason why social bookmarking is so powerful and interesting.

ex: StumbleUpon

Very easy to use. You simply download the toolbar after you register and start browsing. When you find a website you like, click on the “thumbs up” button to share it in StumbleUpon and other users will be able to see it. It’s free. StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators among the top seven social media sites, referring more than other social bookmarking and voting sites such as Digg and Reddit according to Statcounter.



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