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Free Article Submission List

Article submission is very very important task which should be done by every website owner. Article submission is tough because we have to write a useful and unique content but it is more worthy than other off page techniques. Always remember that we should write content for readers not for any search engines. Dont over stuff your keywords while writing this Article content to get a powerful backlink. There are plenty of websites there are formed as open blogs. Meaning in such blogs the admin does not post the article rather gives the appropriate for the registration. The process of acquiring links in quite simple. 

Register->login and submit Article, along with article  place  your backlinkcode at the bottem in the box provided as 'editor/author/resoure' but it no such box is provided then place the code within the article after the last line.The power of the backlink from this step is very related to your keyword but in each articles have to be submitted copied articles from other website has very poor rate(10%) and unique has higher(90%) but it has been found that unique content from pdf file is not detachable by majority of article submission sites that can improve approval rate considerably(30%) To find out pdf files related to your keyword in google search for (keywords) filetype: pdf

ex: inspirational quotes filetypes: pdf
copy-paste the content through notepad to avoid foot prints.
NOTE: Atleast 50 article submissions per keyword is recommended, repeat list of article marketing sites for each topic.Through out offpage which ever webpages have approved you a backlink, ping the pages so that link can be indexed very fast, ranking impact can be seen in the respective search engine only when the backlink is seen by them.


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