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Free Article Submission Sites List

July 12, 2017
Free Article Submission Sites List
Article submission is very very important task which should be done by every website owner. Article submission is tough because we have to write a useful and unique content but it is more worthy than other off page techniques. Always remember that we should write content for readers not for any search engines. Dont over stuff your keywords while writing this Article content to get a powerful backlink. There are plenty of websites there are formed as open blogs. Meaning in such blogs the admin does not post the article rather gives the appropriate for the registration. The process of acquiring links in quite simple. 

Register->login and submit Article, along with article  place  your backlinkcode at the bottem in the box provided as 'editor/author/resoure' but it no such box is provided then place the code within the article after the last line.The power of the backlink from this step is very related to your keyword but in each articles have to be submitted copied articles from other website has very poor rate(10%) and unique has higher(90%) but it has been found that unique content from pdf file is not detachable by majority of article submission sites that can improve approval rate considerably(30%) To find out pdf files related to your keyword in google search for (keywords) filetype: pdf

ex: inspirational quotes filetypes: pdf
copy-paste the content through notepad to avoid foot prints.
NOTE: Atleast 50 article submissions per keyword is recommended, repeat list of article marketing sites for each topic.Through out offpage which ever webpages have approved you a backlink, ping the pages so that link can be indexed very fast, ranking impact can be seen in the respective search engine only when the backlink is seen by them.


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July 12, 2017
Social media optimization is an important technique which is used to increase the awareness about your website, company, services or product on various social media platforms. With the help of it, you will be able to increase the traffic to website.

SMO is the technique to promote your product, build a brand on various social channels. That includes video sites like Youtube, Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, Reddit and 
much more.

Popular Social Media Sites:


7 Steps To improve Your SMO

 1 ) Reputation   -  build your reputation as a reliable qualified source
 2)    Engagement -  encourage more engagement, sharing & reciprocate
 3)    Authority     -  become a notable authority in your field of expertise
 4)    Leadership  -  harness originality & creativity, be a Thought Leader
5)    Social           -    be social, find and engage sociable experts in your field
6)    Media           -   know your social media platforms to maximize influence

7)    Optimization - improve technical aspects to increase optimization
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Free classifiedes Submission Sites List

July 12, 2017
Free classifiedes Submission Sites List
Classified site posting is the best and powerful tool to grab huge traffic to our website. The first thing you need to remember is to select the best suitable classified sites to our website. This is the proven rule to promote our business related websites. If you have an business website(related to product or service metro city) the you need to submit atleast one ad in each of the classifide site and update the ad one a week so that it stays on the top.Though all these sites do not give backlinks but all of them help in business promotions and branding. ex:  quiker.   

Every country have their own important classified sites, so we need to identify our website geographic destinations before posting in a classified site. It is the lowest cost ad promoting technique available for all website owners. All the online affiliate marketers will choose these Classified sites to reach the targeted audiene.

 Every classified site have their own set of rules to accept or reject these clasified ads, knowing all those rules will help us in larger scale to promote our ad. Writing the best content while posting classified ad will ensure a nice backlink for our website. You shouldn't cross the limit of doing the classified ad posting by neglecting other backlinking techniques so always work sensibly to reach your backlink goal.

Following are the best Classified sites for Backlinks.
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Basic Seo

July 12, 2017
 Basic Seo
seo we have to put more efforts to rank high. Without proper SEO we will loose our time and money.

It is brodly devided in two parts :-

1) On page optimization:- The work in the On-page is done within in the website, it carries only 10% of the weightage in seo but it can easily scored

2) Off page optimization:- The work have is done outside the site, it is the core part of SEO carring 90% weightage, day to day work is to increased in the off page end of the day the total seo mark on(off page+on page) together is checked for the keywords BEING SEARCHED to devided the ranking position

A keyword is the word/pharse being searched as query, a single webpage can rank on top for several keywords provided for each keyword it needs to be scored separately

Aim of search engine: 

The give highest  priority  to the webpages that are totally focused or dedicated on query and that which gives maximum information on the query along with its subtopics.

Steps involved in onpage optimization:

step1:- permalink [5marks]
url:- uniform resource locator it is nothing but the address of the webpage if your is SEO friendly then it can be termed as permalink if the url satisfies the following points the it can termed as permalink

a) Must have your keywords
b) must have least number of slashes

Golden Rule:- if your website address is exactly like your keyword then getting top of the have page for that keyword is dead easy
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Free Directory Submission Sites List

July 12, 2017
Free Directory Submission Sites List
Creating a website will take us to many experiences but after creating our website the next important step is to rank high in google search results.The Backlink submitting technique is the better one among the available techniques.Directory submitting is the old and verymuch useful backlink attaining step for any website.

Example wise explanation:

There are set of which are like telephone directiry in which set of urls are stored in the form of category sub categories, such sites are termed as web directorys
ex: dmoz
To acquire a backlinks you need to visit such directorys->select the right category->sub categories->submit the forum

NOTE : mention your keyword in the title of the forum in description write in two there lines the summary of the webpage having your keyword.

The submission will be received by the site admin, if found to be following all the guidlines will approved your submission which will endup giving niche backlinks to our webpage.the review done generally in 3-12 weeks the changes of approval are 25% on an average per webpage atleast 50 directory submission must be done, repeat the list of directory sites for every webpage submission however some sites like dmoz allow only homepage so repeat such sitesn only one per site.

Moz parameters:

Ranking in seo is not purly based on PR but MOZ parameters which even check how many competitors backlinks, hoe the links have been developed etc..,

There are four moz parameters:-

1) DA[Domain ] :- the range from 0-100, the DA value is higher when the site backlinknare form high authority domains, backlinks are developed naturally,
nolink exchange has beendone is given at website level
2) PA[page authority]:- it is same like DA but it is checked at page level.
3) mtrust:- these value is between 0-100, every page has its mtrust value which is higher than Contextual[compititor's] backlinks are found.
4) mrank:- It is the summary of all three parameters above, range between 0-10 that ultimately is checked for the ranking position of the results  in searchengines
High the values and better is the SEO score these values are higer when natural SEO is done.
To check the values of each of the 4 parameters


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